To be the authority for decision making in the areas of finance, economics, business and public policy in Nigeria and Sub-Saharan Africa


To be the intellectual, economic and financial bridge between Nigeria, Sub-Saharan Africa and the world by providing partners with consistently rewarding and sustainable solutions

What We Offer

At Franelta&Basbra, we offer the use of analytical methods to provide solutions that enable proper decision making in key areas of finance, economics, business and public policy. In order to provide such solutions, we leverage on the output generated from our core divisions – Data&Analytics, FME Think Tank, and Market Action

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Our Data&Analytics division is central to what we do at Franelta & Basbra data limited.
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Our Free-Market Economic Think-tank (FME Think-tank) is our objective interpretation of the useful information we generate.
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Market Action is the alternative asset management vehicle at Franelta & Basbra Data Limited. Enabled by a rich data & analytics infrastructure


Insights which enables proper decision making and provide solutions, are a critical component of the key service offerings of Franelta&Basbra. Our continuous aim is to provide insights which lead to actionable solutions through creative and in-depth analytics, and presenting such insights in easy to read visualizations.

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Information on business, economics, finance and public policy are at an average very important, but also very boring to read or other to do away with…
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Our publications take a more academic approach to researching and explaining in details the meaning key sector areas of business, finance, economics and social policy in Nigeria…
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Our reports also heavily dependent on graphics, are detailed interpretation on policy, trends and information in business, economics and finance areas of Nigeria. We provide weekly and…

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