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Market Action is the alternative asset management vehicle at Franelta&Basbra Data Limited. Enabled by a rich data & analytics infrastructure, this division employs a multi-manager approach, which provides investing partners with solid and sustainable risk-adjusted returns on their investments.

In choosing to partner with Franelta&Basbra M.A, clients are provided with a platform that meets its risk-adjusted return targets through diversification, risk control, portfolio management, an innovative data & analytics infrastructure, and a formidable due-diligence process.

The Investment process at Franelta&Basbra M.A. is a unique business model responsible for how value and risk-adjusted returns are generated for clients. The investment process is built on two sub-process procedures, namely Multi-Manager Selection and Portfolio Management of Multi-Managers.

At Franelta&Basbra M.A., our multi-manager approach is focused on investments in the following asset classes;

  • Commodities (i.e. Gold and Oil)
  • Currencies (i.e. Developed and Emerging Countries)
  • Options (Binary, Developed and Emerging Market Stocks)

In relation to its multi-manager approach Franelta&Basbra M.A. employs the following investing strategies;

  • Long/Shot strategies
  • Event-Driven
  • Multi-Strategy
  • Macro-Strategy

At Franelta&Basbra M.A. there exist two major services offering for clients. These include;

  • General Client Service Offering
  • Limited Partnership Service Offering

The General Client Service Offering at Franelta&Basbra M.A, is focused on shorter term investing clients, and provides clients with static risk-adjusted returns on investments.

Clients under this services offering are guaranteed their principal investment plus static returns, over duration on offer.

G.C.S.O rate structure 

The G.C.S.O rates and investing amounts are as thus;

Fund Amount Range 6 Months Coupon Rate 12 Months Coupon Rate
₦500,000 – ₦5,000,000 14% 30%
₦10,000,000 -₦25,000,000 15% 32%
₦30,000,000-₦45,000,000 17% 36%
₦50,000,000-₦100,000,000 19% 40%

The Limited Partnership offering at Franelta&Basbra M.A. is built to service the needs of committed long-term clients. In this service offering, clients are offered limited partnership status to the complete pool of asset under management of the fund, and would be rewarded with dynamic risk adjusted returns, based on the performance of the fund.

This service offering allows for limited partners to have a percentage stake in the asset pool under management, based on their contribution to the fund, and the lock-down period of their contribution to the fund. Under this service offering, limited partners would be able to gain from the growth of the fund, and be rewarded with high profit margins from the fund.

The L.P.S.O investing requirements are as thus:

  • Sole Proprietor-$7,500. (Minimum).
  • Corporate Organization-$50,000. (Minimum).

*Lock-down Period: 12months.

*Redemption Period: End of lock-down period.

Fund security is a fundamental element which guides operations at Franelta&Basbra. Our belief is that investing and trading is and can only be sustainable when risk is properly identified, measured, and managed and to achieve this we employ the following measures of fund security and risk management for funds under our management.

  1. Fund Diversification & Portfolio Management:

In order to avoid concentration, systematic and unsystematic risk, when trading the financial markets, Franelta&Basbra makes sure that fund under management (FUM) are built into a portfolio of asset classes. Such asset classes are selected according to different risk levels identified, and funds are allocated in proportionate amounts according to the risk level of tradable asset classes. This method of approach has proven to improve our investing process and is responsible for fund security as well as our return performance of funds under management.

  1. Insurance:

To manage overall business risk, Franelta&Basbra employs insurance covers on client investments and such insurance covers are structured to indemnify principal investing amounts of client.


  1. Send an email to, visit any Franelta&Basbra offices or get in contact with any of its Sales Associate indicating investment interest.
  2. Fill and sign application and legal documents sent after step 1.
  3. Make payment in accordance to payment method specified in documents.
  4. Receive email indicating investment maturity date.

– What bodies is the firm registered to?

Franelta&Basbra is legally registered under the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC), which happens to be the government agency in charge of corporate registration affairs. The firm is also a member of the Port Harcourt Chambers of Commerce, which is the regional business entity umbrella.


– Who regulates the firm?

Franelta&Basbra is bonded by the regulatory frameworks established in the Corporate and Allied Matters Act, broad financial regulatory frameworks, as well as international regulatory frameworks for alternative asset management firms. We are duly registered with the CAC and Chambers of Commerce which provide certain level of local regulation for businesses.


– In the event of bankruptcy, what happens to my funds?

Funds are insured and principal payments are indemnified and payable to the investor. Contractual obligations relating to investment returns are legally binding and will be reconciled by appointed administrators during such events.


– What is the guarantee that I would be paid?

Further to the contractual agreement between parties, there are existing evidences of issued payments to investors. There will be monthly updates on the health of the investment up to the agreed maturity date.


– In the event that the trading did not go as planned or expected, what happens to my funds and agreed interest?

Given our optimal risk management application to our asset management business, we have reasonable confidence in the successful performance of our trades evidenced by our track record. Nonetheless, there is an internal insurance of our traded funds. While any loss will constitute a setback, the insurance on the capital allows us to promptly recapitalize and continue trading. As part of our risk management system, we have considerable reserve ratio of 4:1 (quadruple of what we are currently trading for investors) that will more than take care of any trade mishap including the promised returns.


– Why are the board of directors not listed on the website page?

The company has vested interest in diverse businesses including Data and Analytics. This makes it difficult to enlist all directors on our website given the nature of their engagement with different units of the company and the sensitivity of the other business interests of the company. If for cogent reasons there is a need to satisfy any such request, we are more than happy to disclose these through our legal partners. In addition, our full documents of association are housed with the Corporate Affairs Commission and the Port Harcourt Chambers of Commerce for public inquiry.


– What is my money being used for?

Funds under management are traded in a diverse portfolio of asset classes which include currencies and commodities. Refer to the mini brochure for further details


-Why can’t I invest less than 500,000?

Funding amounts less than ₦500,000 limit our ability to meet our trading liquidity requirements. Usually, we aggregate funds to be able to take the best positions in the market and based on our internal estimates, individual input must maintain a minimum of ₦500,000 to meet these requirements.


-Do I receive monthly interest payments?

Monthly interest payments are not made under our investment offerings. As such principal and interest payments are made available in full at the end of specified investment tenure.